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Just a quick note to say that I have just spotted a spambot post to this community, and have already deleted it, banned the user from posting anywhere that I have control over, and reported them as a bot to LJ. There seem to be a lot of such bots around on LJ at the moment, so I am putting this community on moderated membership for the time being, and will add a note to that effect to the userinfo page. Hopefully that will stop the problem.

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Oxford BiFest!

Calling all Bisexuals, Bicurious, friends and allies in Oxford!

Saturday 27 March

Oxford BiFest

Saturday 27th March, 2010: Oxford BiFest is a day long celebration of everything Bisexual!

Like men? Like women? Like both? Please join us for the first annual Oxford BiFest! A celebration of bisexuality for bisexuals & bi-friendly people including daytime workshops & an evening disco with DJ.

Oxford BiFest is a friendly, welcoming event offering opportunities for networking and new friendships, as well as resources and partnerships for comparing experiences and discussing significant, wide-reaching issues. Our programme features participatory workshops, such as stories and supportive strategies for coming out of the closet; how to fight discrimination or harassment; and how to make choices that promote sexual health. However, we also include lighter ‘fun and games/icebreaker’ sessions, a reading from one of our favourite published authors, and an evening social with a well-known community DJ!

Entry is £10 waged, £5 unwaged.

The Oxford University Club, Mansfield Road

11.00 am - 11.00 pm

Bisexual Oxford website

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That time of year has arrived, and Intrusion has its xmas party...Joining us will be DJ Death By Shinies and Special guest DJ Loki(slimelight, whitby, etc etc).

The first 30 people through the door before 9.30pm will get in for FREE, and everyone who comes will get a £10 off voucher for Pennangalan Boots!(terms and conditions apply to the offer).
There will be sweets, mince pies and glow sticks for those quick enough to grab them, so get down to The Cellar early next tuesday and dance like crazy!

2009 Intrusion dates

2009 is almost here! and to make sure you don't miss a single Intrusion, here are the dates for the entire year(always on the second Tuesday of the month by the way):
January 13th (2 weeks time!)
February 10th
March 10th
April 14th
May 12th
June 9th(8th Birthday Bash!)
July 14th
August 11th
September 8th
October 13th
November 10th
December 8th
There you have it, so pop the dates in your diary, and we really hope to see you there for as many of the 2009 Intrusions as you can manage, its your club too and we hope you enjoy it even more in the new year :)
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PhD research on goth- looking for participants!

My name is Zoe Enstone and I’m lucky enough to be doing my PhD research on goth! The study is specifically focussed on the everyday practices of subculturalists, the sensory experience of events, and anxiety towards the group within mainstream populations.

I’m currently looking for two groups of participants:

1) Anybody over age 18 who identify with and/or participate in the UK goth scene and would like to take part in interviewing and creating multimedia diaries;

2) and those attending ‘Whitby Goth Weekend’ in a couple of weeks.

More details about my research can be found here and on my Facebook group

Please email ( if you are interested in finding out more and being involved in the study. Your information will be kept confidential and strict ethical guidelines followed.

Zoe x
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The Last Dance, Intrusion, OCtober 14th

On OCtober 14th, you'll have the chance to see the great LA goth band The Last Dance(Who have headlined the Whitby Goth festival, and played with most of the top names in goth today), and their support band Screaming Banshee Aircrew. they'll be at Intrusion in the Cellar, on-stage from 9.15(doors open at 8.30pm).
Advance tickets can ONLY be purchased at :

We know this will be a very busy night, so to guarantee seeing the bands, buy your ticket now! (PLEASE NOTE, there will be no discounted entry at this Intrusion, so that means there will be no flyer discount or Rock Soc discount, as we are faced with a lot of expenses involving band payments and equipment hire...The concessions will be back on in November)

The bands will finish at about 11ish, and will be followed by several hours of 'regular' Intrusion, with Dok, and guests Loki and Martin Oldgoth.

We hope to see you all there!

September 9th...Intrusion!

Hello folks, don't forget, Intrusion is here once again on September 9th (Thats one week from today!) at the cellar from 8.30 til 2am, and alongside myself and the ever-gothly Dok, we have guest DJ and slimelight regular, DJ Fenbane, so please join us for an early autumn night of GOTH
Mansun Paul Draper Les Paul

I Think I'm Going To Die Of Boredom...

Being in Banbury now for just over a year, and have had no luck in finding anything remotely interesting to do with the spare time that I manage to scrape together. I know a few of you are also resident in Banbury; so what do you get up to in town for 'fun'? Will hopefully be making it down to Intrusion once again in Oct', but what can I do to stave off my tedium until then? Anyone fancy meeting up for a drink?
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