sgt_bookhouse (sgt_bookhouse) wrote in oxgoths,

Intrusion.....June 10th, a time to come back home

June 10th sees Intrusions 7th birthday...and yes, there will sweets, a raffle, and probably various silly things as usual.
but as this is the oxgoths forum, I'm sending a message to all of those who went to Intrusion way back when, and perhaps haven't been in a while due to work/distance etc etc, I want people from all 7 years of Intrusion to attend, and since I've only missed 3 Intrusions (thus making me No 1 attendee *cough* ;) ) I'll remember you and would really love to see you there again. So if you're one of those people, or you know one of them, please come down, we really want to make it a very special night.

P.S... as well as our guest DJ Angelus, myself and Dok will be trying our hardest to play what you want (BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dance to a song if you request it and it gets played), so come down with a ready made request list, or maybe leave us a note on this forum
see you there
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