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The Oxgoths Live Journal Community

We wear black so you don't have to

The Oxgoths
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A discussion community for all goths based in Oxford, UK.
If you're a Goth, remotely Gothically inclined, or indeed simply Goth-compatible and you live, have ever lived, or intend to live in Oxford, then you're an Oxgoth, and you should join this community! It'll keep you up to date with social events going on in the city, give you a forum to ask those all-important questions ("Where's the best place to buy fish-net stockings?", for instance, or "Where are you meeting these days?") and just generally look cool on your friends list.

The community is currently on moderated membership, to prevent unwanted postings by spambots. But don't worry - your friendly moderator is perfectly capable of telling the difference between a genuine Oxgoth and a bot. So please go ahead and join as normal - I will approve your membership as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, out there in the real world, you can find us at the Intrusion club night in the Cellar Bar off Cornmarket on the second Tuesday of every month, from 9pm to 2am. And on that topic, why not check out our official sister community, intrusionuk?

So that's it, really: join, post and be merry! But, y'know - play nicely now!